Three smiling women on top of University Bridge

A new objective

Old thinking = old school

Gone are the days when a college education pertained to training for a singular career path. Today, the lightning rate of discovery and technological advancements, the rapidly changing global economy and the growing need for new skills, products and services has rendered the concept of the single, lifelong career obsolete. As a result, higher education now faces a choice: perpetuate the outmoded model of the Academy or adapt to prepare new generations of thinkers for the world ahead.

New school = master learners

The time has come for college completion to mean something beyond just a career. Society’s survival and success in the future will rely on solutions derived from the most capable of thinkers. They will be men and women who have been trained to think critically and that have been educated from a strong foundation that enables them to learn anything. Though their expertise may lie in certain areas, the way they learn and apply information will be radically different from past generations, allowing them move seamlessly between disciplines and to work collaboratively with others in innovative ways.

The reconceptualization of ASU as a comprehensive knowledge enterprise has evolved precisely to prepare this type of broadly proficient thought-leader, focused on deriving purpose-driven solutions and improving the quality of life for all mankind.