The New American University is ASU’s reconceptualization of 21st century higher education

Arizona State University exemplifies a new prototype for the American public research university.

More than a decade ago, ASU set forth a new and ambitious trajectory to become a comprehensive knowledge enterprise dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact. From that point forward, and founded on a vision for a new “gold standard”, all of its energy, creativity and manpower have been brought to bear on the design of a uniquely adaptive and transdisciplinary university committed to producing master learners.

Discover how ASU is redefining the landscape of public higher education

ASU believes that learning is for everyone, which is why it has evolved a student-centric model that supports innovation, agility, change and collaboration to meet the needs of our learners. ASU’s success is measured by how its graduates thrive and their ability to tackle the world's most complex challenges

ASU Charter and Goals

ASU Charter and Goals

Learn about ASU's charter, mission and goals for 2025 and beyond.

The Fifth Wave Books

The Fifth Wave: The Evolution of American Higher Education

A new book by Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars calling for new higher education models that provide education at scale and accelerate social change.

Designing the New American University

Designing the New American University

The first book by ASU president Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars about transforming higher education and university design.

ASU charter

ASU Charter Video

ASU established its first ever Charter, a comprehensive document focusing the university's mission on the inclusion and success of all its students, and on a fundamental social responsibility to the communities ASU serves.

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University News

Tijana Rajh has been announced as the new director of Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences. She comes to ASU from a 25-year career at Argonne National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center of the U.S. Department of Energy. Energy research at Argonne, including artificial photosynthesis and semiconductors, has been a passion for Rajh, who is an Argonne Distinguished Fellow and former deputy division director. Rajh grew up in the former...
You’re an engineer who has just moved to southeast Mesa, maybe to work at the new $20 billion Intel plants or maybe one of the three Northrop Grumman plants in the East Valley. Good school districts for your kids, nice house for your family. And your commute sure beats that daily nightmare you had in California. Your partner gets their nails done by a woman who just opened her own salon. That cosmetologist graduated from a Mesa high school and learned the trade at the East Valley Institute of...
With an ever-globalizing world, the realm of study abroad has shifted. Students can gain a global perspective beyond a typical semester in the classroom of a foreign country. In order to better reflect these expanding opportunities for students, the former ASU Study Abroad Office changed its name to the Global Education Office, or ASU GEO, on July 1. This new name reflects the variety of program options — internships, service learning, online global learning and domestic programs as well as...