The New American University is ASU’s reconceptualization of 21st century higher education

Arizona State University exemplifies a new prototype for the American public research university.

More than a decade ago, ASU set forth a new and ambitious trajectory to become a comprehensive knowledge enterprise dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact. From that point forward, and founded on a vision for a new “gold standard”, all of its energy, creativity and manpower have been brought to bear on the design of a uniquely adaptive and transdisciplinary university committed to producing master learners.

Discover how ASU is redefining the landscape of public higher education

ASU believes that learning is for everyone, which is why it has evolved a student-centric model that supports innovation, agility, change and collaboration to meet the needs of our learners. ASU’s success is measured by how its graduates thrive and their ability to tackle the world's most complex challenges

ASU Charter and Goals

ASU Charter and Goals

Learn about ASU's charter, mission and goals for 2025 and beyond.

ASU Design Aspirations

Design Aspirations

Eight design aspirations guide ASU's transformation.

Designing the New American University

Designing the New American University

ASU president Michael Crow has penned a book about transforming higher education

ASU charter

ASU Charter Video

ASU established its first ever Charter, a comprehensive document focusing the university's mission on the inclusion and success of all its students, and on a fundamental social responsibility to the communities ASU serves.

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University News

It didn’t take Larry Ross, a fifth-generation educator who launched the Omega Youth Leadership Academy in Arizona, long in his career to notice that there’s a group of students who go unnoticed when it comes to setting high goals after high school. They’re not necessarily the most underprivileged kids, he said. They may not be disruptive in class. But they...
The year 2020 is no traditional year. But Arizona State University is no traditional institution, which means university leaders have been preparing for weeks to create a seamless, socially responsible classroom experience for the fall 2020 semester — amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The University Technology Office has been preparing classrooms at all ASU campuses for a new learning approach: ASU...
Tom Fournier had a successful career in engineering and business management and after co-founding and selling a company that measured automotive pollution for governments, he was able to retire early at 55 years old. The following two years were spent dabbling in hobbies as a private pilot and a skydiver and volunteering at Tucson’s Community Food Bank and Literacy Connects...