Three smiling women on top of University Bridge

Design aspirations

Nine design aspirations guide the ongoing evolution of ASU as a New American University. These institutional objectives are integrated in innovative ways throughout the university to achieve excellence, access and impact.

Leverage Our Place

ASU embraces its culture, socioeconomic and physical setting.

Enable Student Success

ASU is committed to the success of each unique student.

Transform Society

ASU catalyzes social change by being connected to social needs.

Fuse Intellectual Disciplines

ASU creates knowledge by transcending academic disciplines.

Value Entrepreneurship

ASU uses its knowledge and encourages innovation.

Be Socially Embedded

ASU connects with communities through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Conduct Use-Inspired Research

ASU research has purpose and impact.

Engage Globally

ASU engages with people and issues locally, nationally and internationally.

Practice Principled Innovation

ASU places character and values at the center of decisions and actions.