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ASU's nursing college to study health leadership

Arizona State University is partnering with the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to research and development leadership development in the health industry.

ASU space students give 'The Martian' a thumbs-up — mostly

The space survival epic “The Martian” hit theaters Friday to rave reviews from critics – and even some scientists. But while a couple of ASU students studying space liked the film, they pointed out that not all of was scientifically accurate.

Tinkerer's paradise: Tom Sugar's ASU lab is where exoskeletons come to life

Engineer Tom Sugar doesn’t consider himself a modern-day Iron Man, but he does marvel at how his specialty — wearable robotics or exoskeletons — has taken off and achieved something of blockbuster proportions.

Moral philosopher Peter Singer joins ASU's Lawrence Krauss in conversation on ethics

"Singer & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue" is a candid and unscripted conversation on ethics for the 21st century, covering topics ranging from animal liberation to dying with dignity to effective altruism.

The road to Paris: 9 things you can do to influence the UN climate talks

Thousands of experts will attend the UN climate summit in December, but what can ordinary citizens do from half a globe away? A climate-change advocate visited ASU to talk about what interested observers can do to contribute to the UN conference.

TV producer Rabih Gholam a major Devils' Advocate

Rabih Gholam is considered one of Hollywood's notable tastemakers, having created some of reality television's most memorable productions. But before he was making pop culture history as a television executive, Gholam was studying history at ASU.

ASU ranks 4th in top contributors to Teach For America

Arizona State University this year moved up to top-five status among colleges and universities contributing volunteers to Teach For America, the national corps committed to expanding educational opportunity for children living in poverty.

Managing the complexities of power supply, demand

While innovations are helping to create "smarter" grids that enable utilities to better monitor, manage and adapt to changing energy flows, innovations also introduces new issues related to citizens' rights when it comes to consuming and producing power.

ASU unites Mexican, Canadian stakeholders for new economic cooperation

The leader of the sixth-largest city in the nation did not mince words Wednesday when he stressed the economic importance of America's neighbors during an Arizona State University organized conference in Phoenix.