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Sci-fi anthology explores futures shaped by journeys through time and space

“Journeys through Time and Space,” a new anthology of creative, thought-provoking visions of the future has been published by Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel’s Tomorrow Project and the Society for Science & the Public.

Don't space out: ASU business professor helps astronauts stay on task

Task shifting – even pulling yourself away from the computer screen to answer a question – can impact productivity. For astronauts, it can increase risks. That's why NASA has commissioned ASU to study it.

ASU expert weighs in on the pros and cons of new Trans-Pacific Partnership

After years of closed-door negotiations and growing uncertainty, the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations have reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. ASU expert Michael Bennett doubts that it will be a great boon to American workers.

Sustainability team studies how cities survive mega storms

With record-strength disasters becoming the new normal — Hurricane Joaquin just the latest — scientists are digging into ways cities can survive them. An ASU sustainability expert is visiting New York and Puerto Rico this week to meet with civic officials.

ASU Mars images star in 'The Martian'

Images of Mars taken by a visual and infrared camera designed at Arizona State University — the Thermal Emission Imaging System — take a star turn in the new hit movie "The Martian."

PowHER conference at ASU aims to inspire confidence in young women

The inaugural PowHER Women’s Conference aimed to inspire young women with the confidence and habits that would serve them well in college and beyond — while also acknowledging that although strides have been made in female empowerment, there is still work to do.

Students pitch inventive ideas during Launch Days

From ways to keep sun-bathed cars cool to new social media apps, Launch Days provides entrepreneurial students a chance to pitch their ideas for new inventions or ideas.

Effort to improve neural repair earns NSF CAREER award

ASU Engineering professor Sarah Stabenfeldt has earned a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for her efforts to harness the brain's healing powers after a traumatic injury.