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YA author and ASU alum on online bullying, writing for teens

Tom Leveen stumbled upon the young adult genre quite by accident, but it has been good to him. His eighth novel, "Hellworld," will be out in 2017, but it was the subject of his book "Random" that has led the author to speak out on the dangers of online bullying.

Idea Enterprise hatches new set of Executive Leaders

ASU’s Idea Enterprise combines teams of ASU’s top thinkers with successful senior business leaders in a collaborative forum discussing ways to help shape and hone the ideas so they can be more successfully advanced into action.

ASU analysis prompts discussion on officer-involved shootings

The Phoenix Police department will review how officers handle foot pursuits following an analysis of officer-involved shootings by ASU's Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety, a unit of the College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

When going small is big news: ASU professor shrinking down electron-laser technology

Free electron lasers — powerful devices that can peer deep into molecular structure — cost billions to build and are miles long, but an ASU professor is building a version that can fit on a tabletop at a fraction of the price.

Providing chronic pain relief without the pills

In a world where there's a pill for everything, researchers in ASU's Psychology Department are taking a different approach to coping with chronic pain.

Of revolution and reflection: ASU's Chicano collection marks 45 years preserving a community's memories

The Chicano Research Collection at ASU's Hayden Library, which began in 1970 and includes academic books as well as a wide variety of memorabilia, aims at preserving the collective memory of an under-documented community.

ASU student to research greenhouse gases in the Amazon

The American Society for Microbiology has selected Jessica Spring, a microbiology senior with Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences, as a recipient of its Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Transformative gathering illuminates the future of health

More than 800 physicians, researchers, health-policy gurus, artists, students, CEOs, thought leaders and academics converged on Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota, for TRANSFORM 2015, a unique summit hosted by Mayo’s Center for Innovation.