Tanner Woodford

Posted on April 28th, 2009

Tanner Woodford describes being in the College of Design (now the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts), being a part of something big, and tells the brazen story of how he fell in love with CSS.

Tanner Woodford is a graphic designer living in Tempe, Arizona with his wife Amanda Woodford, a vegetarian illustrator. Outside of his work as Web Developer for Arizona State University, Tanner has curated an exhibition with international and domestic poster artists, participated in several juried exhibitions and contributed to numerous publications. During a recent internship with Intel, Tanner helped conceptualize and design a graphical user interface for next generation televisions and co-authored a patent detailing the use of multiple, independent user interfaces for a single audio/video device. He received a bachelor of science in visual communication design from Arizona State University in the Spring 2009, and returned to teach Advanced Motion Design in the School of Design Innovation in the Fall 2009.


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3 Responses to “Tanner Woodford”

  1. Ego says:

    Is a “vegetarian illustrator” better than a normal illustrator? I’m doing a PHD in Social Science, but there was no distinction between meat eaters and non meat eaters when I signed for the course! Hi, so what do you do? Well – I’m a vegetarian Policeman. Kinda self-serving statement if you ask me. Sorry – didn’t mean to flame – but that’s just not right!!

  2. wooly says:

    Agree with ego above. i dont think any differentiation should be made on the basis of one’s eating habits.

  3. Ryan F says:

    I like how you just went after working with your favorite band. Sometimes the best experiences are the most uncomfortable ones. Being able to face the fact that you have to sink or swim is hard for some people. Good for you, I liked your story.